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Thursday, May 26

Wonder amazement a little creepy but I will get used to it

I have finally reached an age where my mother is comfortable talking to me about her and my sex lives. Being able to compare notes is good. You know I don't think I am a freak for being HELLA multiorgasmic. I can knock out the double digits in a regular session. And let me tell you if you aren't getting at least 3 you should leave that lazy bastard and get yourself a good vibrator and see how high you can count.

I truly recommend , for the informed sexually active adult, they have great info and you can link to Amazon and other stores from them and they get a kickback, which is great because they provide some needed information for the sexually clueless. Not to mention they are two of the best sexual implement testers out there. If what they describe sounds good to you then you might just think "this fucker is the SHITE."

The only real draw back to this is that I share and she is like Hhmmm I need one of those... Go order it for me. And I am like. Man these people, F&E, are going to think that my b/f and I are freakier than well... well I don't know what, but how many "Smart Balls" does one woman need. Which I advise EVERY woman to have at least one pair, and maybe one good vibrator.

I have been thinking lately that a venture into anal play may even be on the horizon. Well they have lots to say on that one too so I am contemplating it.


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