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Friday, March 30

Black Women in Fantasy Art


That is what black women in fantasy art are. We are unseen. I am tired of it. If I want to have fantasy art in my house there are plenty of nice things out there. But to be realistic I do not want to walk around my house looking at half dressed white women all damn day. I purchase a lot of art. and a good portion of it depicts women like myself. Black strong and proud. But I can't get fantasy art which shows the same.

A few years ago at a science fiction convention called VisionConn in Middle of nowhere Missouri I say some small pieces by an artist I didn't know. i thought that it was the start of something. It was not. And I can not remember the name of that artist so that I could pay his extortionist's fees just to have some black sci-fi/fantasy art in my collection. To be perfectly honest I am from a very multiracial family and background so I do have a lot of all types of art but this particular subgroup is lacking and I am starting to get very disheartened to the fact that I can't even seam to find any on the web. I mean besides a few statues that cost a fortune. If anyone out there knows of any please let me know.


Mr Bing said...

My god, I'd never noticed that before. You're totally right. How strange.

Alex Heizer said...

Hi. You're right. I've been an artist and fantasy buff all my life, and there aren't very many non-white heroes and heroines. Occasionally there will be an item from the "masters", Frazetta and Boris (but more often with one or the other, as part of an invading army or "Lost Tribe").

Although I'm white, and tend to "paint what I know", I also know that heroics, strength and beauty are not restricted based on skin color, place of origin, age, historical context or sex. In this way, I realise I have been very lazy in my choice of artistic subject, and your blog post inspires me to do better.

My next painting will be for you.