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Thursday, October 28


Well.... when you tell a man(A). I want out because you are squishing my soul...... (read that as:I have found a man(B) who likes all the parts of me that you say that you don't want me to have and that I should try to resist these things cause they are unbecoming behaviors for your property to have..... )

then sometimes you get a kick in the ass cause that same man(A) may stand up and say what is it that you need, I love you and you shall have it..... Be prepared for that.... I wasn't.... Now I haven't slept... Eaten... I feel sick... and I have no clue what to do from  here.... What... Why are you mocking me out there....

Two men who care for me...
A. been together a while. saying all the right things. doing all the right things. offering all the right things.
B. just offering himself to me hmm

I don't know... must think... sleep too.

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