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Monday, December 12

Holidays and Good Men the Best Combination

OK so the holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and frolic and whatnot right. Well think again monkey boy. The only people resting this or any holiday are those happy go lucky Children too young to peal a potato and men to fracked in the head to help out. Or those few helpless in the kitchen women who just are not having it. For the rest of us it is hell. Baking nightly Balancing menus with allergies and what who’s spoiled ass kid refuses to eat and all that garbage. AND on top of all that we are expected to come to bed after all this and be romantic….. Well you know what this is the first time in years that I have looked forward to bed “not alone” during the holidays. And that is greatly C’s fault. You see we went to my companies Christmas party over the weekend a nice little formal gig at a lovely hotel. Then out for some real merriment with some coworkers. Well I caught a little stomach bug and spent most of the next day in bed and the potty. C was great, after his little talk about waking people up when I am sick and not just saying I’m fine go back to sleep, taking over the cooking and cleaning and talking to people when they call.

So here’s the good part. I am up in the evening feeling better but not on top of my game for any merry making, but frisky none the less. So here I don’t want to start anything because I didn’t want to disappoint him by bailing out on him half way through. So I tell him this and he is like Get over here and proceeds to sex up my body all nice and lazy fashion. I tell you what there is nothing like not having to drive. Lovely time topped off with some nice RPG chat about the new stuff we are going to be getting into. He also GM’s a game for me and my friends. Quite the nice set up I’ve got.


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