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Tuesday, May 15


I am so Confused and I have nothing to tell myself to make it all better.

I made a mistake, that doesn't feel like a mistake. I was tooling around online last night, I am an insomniac, and I started to chat with this random guy. No biggie Charles knows that I am a normal person and I talk to other people. Well I ended up in a voice chat with this guy Sam he was so comforting and I don't know It was all so innocent at first. We grew up in adjacent areas and were talking about how much things have changed and where we think the city is headed. Some how things moved into a more adult area, about some clubs that used to exist and experiences there in. So needless to say I ended up have some great cyber with this guy. Which to date the last time that kind of thing happened it was with this hot guy from overseas when I was like 18. So I am freaked. Charles is not a super jealous guy but we do have a ask for approval policy which neither of us has ever violated to my knowledge.

He is my problem, I love Charles and I would never do anything to hurt him intentionally I want to know where this Sam thing came from. How do I get around the analyzing it to see what the hell is on the other side? How do I look through the emo without jumping ship and moving on. Which I do not want to do. I just love attentions from men: Not sexual directly, but sexually fueled.  

Oh Gods things are all messed up. I am now sitting at work thinking about last night and DAMN it was so hot. Not that Charles is not the shit in bed but damn that man is good. I am a very shy person with new people even people I chat with online. But I found myself opening to this complete stranger and I liked the feel of slight vulnerability with the safety of being home and not being pressured to go meet this guy even though we live less than 40 miles from each other.

SHIT. OK nothing more now. I am going to go out for a walk and see what I can come up with.





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