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Tuesday, August 14


OK I just had a hella tiring weekend of sex. it started on Thursday of last week. I got Friday off but paid for it Saturday.... three times. Then I took Monday so someone thought it was ok to keep me up late Sunday night. Then Monday night roles around and its like well why not...

Oh man I can't believe I have been expected to put out like this and still go to work the next day. SHIT I am tired…. They should have a "my pussy needs a day off" holiday. I think I am going to go sleep on the couch tonight so I can get some rest.

Now I am at work Balls early and people want stuff that I have no idea where they are.

Not to mention I am not mentally here. I can still feel my soft pillow and those cozy blankets.

 I think that the government is drugging us though out water supply. there is no reason for the man to be that freakin horny for this many days straight. I am going to have to see how long this is going to last. I should keep a calendar of this activity and see who started it and how frequent these things are.

Oh to have time off on the weekends to do nothing but sleep. I miss those days. I think they call that time "the single life"… Hell I am never going to get that back.

 Well I am going to go pretend to be working.



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