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Wednesday, January 30


Including "Reputable" Hotel Chains. Last weekend I staid at the Woodbridge Hilton at 120 Wood Ave. South, Iselin, NJ. Now thinking this is a Hilton I gave my credit card and proceeded to have a nice night. till the next afternoon when I was locked out of my room. Now I am thinking to myself damn maybe I demagnetized my key. So naively I went off to the reception desk to get a replacement. upon arriving at the desk I was told by a snide little shit behind the desk that my room was locked out because the credit card I had given was declined. 1) I just got here so why are you charging anything to my card? Answer - we check all cards to make sure that the funds are available. 2) This is the second day of my stay why wasn't this done yesterday? Answer - it should have been 3) (to myself) what the hell happened to my money.
So thankfunnu

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