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Thursday, May 5


man who
  • listens to me, who I can listen to
  • cares for me and I can care about
  • is a part of my life and will want me to be a part of his
  • makes me want to be a better me
  • encourages me and accepts encouragement from me
  • believes in my dreams, will will trust me with his
  • tolerates my friends at a minimum
  • can communicate his likes and dislikes to me effectively
  • listens
  • I can believe in
  • wants to be mine
  • Understands me
  • feels my crazy is an asset
  • likes to go have fun outside
  • enjoys cruises
  • is as mean as me
  • wants to be a team in life
  • is not a spectator of life
  • wants to be a better person
  • can cook or is willing to clean up after I do
  • can do laundry and does
  • can keep a bathroom in good shape

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