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Tuesday, July 5

Damn; Just Damn

OK it is Tuesday. Injury check. Usual thorough sex aches and pains plus, sprained wrist, pulled muscles in the right thigh and right buttock, left side and left side of my back and neck. Two ripped off nails (and they where all finally the same great scratching length) Hair a mess and I do believe that I am a little dehydrated. But man did I have a great couple of days. Love the long weekend. It got off to a slow start just cleaning up after a housemate of C's moved out and left a mess. Loads of cleaning in fact. Leaving us both a little tired and not too energetic. Still managed a descent level of tired need that body sex. so Friday cool. Saturday shopping and unwinding with my g/f T she is nuts. So Sunday C and I decide after our usual early morning Sunday sex that we didn't feel much like getting up so back to sleep. Well that extra 7 hours or so of sleep must have done the trick cause it was nearly time for C to get off to work and everyone was in a good mood. I got us something to eat and we had a lazy evening. C got off to work and now I can't sleep, so off to the internet. Did a little shopping and hunting around for some things I have been needing for a while.

OK Now here's the good part and the real reason for all the damage. Comes home in the morning, now I have been up most of the night so I decide we need to get a little sleep just for a little while. About 3 hours later I wake up frisky as hell. I am thinking to meslef, "it would be just too bad for me to reach over and give my favorite party favor a little stroken". So I do! Let me tell you I think that every man should at one time in their lives awaken to the sensation of the woman they love sucking their cock like a starving woman. Now I didn't quite know what I was starting though. In hindsight I know that I shouldn't have opened the gate. We never did get out of that room on Monday (which was a holiday). Now I am all for great sex numerous times but 5 times in a day that started a 2pm and ended at like 9pm may just be the limit of what this body can take. I am hurtin today. But it hurts so damn good. Why is it that you never feel this shit happening? I work a predominately a computer job so I totally could have done without the wrist being in pain. But the edge of the bed legs up balancing maneuver that got it that way is definitely indispensable. Just have to work on that dismount. Now I am all for great days of lazy sex but a day of beingattackedd andravagedd is much better... :-) Now satted and exhausted I have answered my own question "Can I ever have enough sex?" NO I loved ever second of it. Even that one time I couldn't move afterward and had to be picked up and placed up on the bed. It is all great. And that pizza guy probably is a little traumatized for his delivery. Really thought 45mins would give us enough time for another go. Guess we where wrong. hehe

There is definitely something to be said for that second when he looks into your eyes and a hunger enters his and you know that you are so in for the fucking of your life. Ah just can't wait for the next long ass weekend. May even take an extra day off next time.

Floating deliciously,


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