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Wednesday, August 10


OK this was going to be a huge long bitch fest about exes and the need for them to quit wobbling my sphere of existence. But you know what I can't spare to brain power at the moment. I am so tired. In the past week and a half preparing for this new job, I have gotten even less sleep than usual. I have spent close to $500 on things I have wanted to have for a while but didn't think I needed them badly enough. Well let me tell you; It felt good. Now I have multiple packages on their way to my home with my supplies in them. Quite a while ago I decided to start doing body wraps to keep my skin and body in "shape" so to speak while I am losing all this damn weight. Now I looked into it and it cost like 120 and up to get them done in a salon, AND you should get them every week. So I decided to take my money and get all the things I needed to do them at home. Well with everything it cost like 260 for 4 people to get the sauna suits, bandages for wrapping, herbs, oils, dry clay powder, and a bandage winder cause I am kind of lazy when it comes to mind numbing tasks. So that comes to what $65 per person. Now that is a great deal. 65 and we have enough supplies to do like 8 to 12 wraps a piece depending on if we are doing full or partial. Now how in the world do salons get off charging like they do with any form of conscience?

So then I though well would be nice to have a paraffin spa at home too, so off I went to EBay. Now let me just say that I didn't want one of those cheap ass walmart looking home models, I wanted a salon workhorse with a sanitization cycle (I've got a bit of a germ problem I HATE THEM) Well perfection found me a fifty pound capacity spa paraffin bath in great condition. It is so big I can do both my feet at the same time. Hell it is so bit I can do both C's feet at the same time. That is the coolest part it is like 25x14x10. Now that did cost me a pretty penny right below 100 but it is a 1 year old $3,000 model in great condition. So I said, "Oh, Hell yes!"

Now previous to this I had been spending $60 at the salon to get my hands dipped with a manicure and pedicure, I never got my feet dipped cause it would have cost another 30 on top of that. I used to go every week. Now I know how to give a manni and peddi, so that’s 60 bucks back in my pocket. And I know how to do wraps and make all the solutions necessary for a fraction of the cost, that’s 120 that never leaves. So I think I will be saving about $720 a moth with a $400 start up cost and about $25 a month after that in supplies and about $16 a year to replace worn-out wraps. Yes I love saving myself shit-loads of money. I even found out that you can use candle paraffin in the spa and it is jackin cheaper than "spa" paraffin, which by the way is regular 120 - 125 degree melt paraffin with essential oils and fragrance and some times even color in it. Well kiss my grits, I can put grapeseed oil in it myself and move on up. AND some/most professional spas heat their wax just a few degrees warmer than the home varieties of spas giving you better therapy.

So I am all ready for weekly wax dips and body wraps and now I have to sit and wait for everything to show up at my house. Waiting is so harsh. I want to just have it all now. Oh well I guess I shall work on that meditation thing while I wait for all my spa gear. Ya me



Isn’t it so easy to keep me happy.

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