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Monday, August 29

Lovin the C

OK all folks in the land would agree with me that sometimes you just want to kill your loved ones and other times you just love them so much you wonder if it is normal. OK in the last 3 weeks I have gone from so depressed about the relationship that I was just waiting for it to end, to so elated about it that I want it never to end. Now in between is where things get murky. Now I say on my train the other day feeling like I just wanted to crawl up into a ball and die. Now the situation is like this:
C used to date this weird chick L. Now L freely admits that she is not into white guys, and would regularly tell C that "this would be a hole lot better if you weren't a geek and into all that computer stuff and the science fiction has got to go" Now I don't know about you but that don't sound like the loving girlfriend to me. Now I am biased but I love my geeks and I only date white guys. Its not that I have only dated white guys, hell my dance card looks like a roster for the UN for shits sake I just prefer white guys and definitely geeks. I like it if my man knows more about at least one series of star trek than me or at least is hard core into some scifi that I like. Now a convention goer is not a must but is greatly nurtured and appreciated. ...  but I digress; this chick knew who he was when their convenient little sex relationship started. It got bigger as time went on as things tend to do, but they still didn't have much at all in common or really like tolerating each others obsessions. For all the Lords the girl was into SOAP OPERAS. Can you imagine a chick who would force her guy to actually sit down and watch those hideous things. Now I admit that when I was in middle school I loved them, but hell I grew the hell up.
Now moving on towards my point (not that I ever really get to one) This chick gets all bent out of shape when it is all blown apart. Now I did have a little to do with that but hey I come home and the guy I had loved for the better part of my physiological adulthood was miserable and doubting his geekdom. Now let me tell you I have NEVER in my life stepped into someones relationship. And I know I have a little to answer to afterward, but damn he is just to fine, caring, awesome, and wonderful on so many levels to be smothered into passivity by some crazy normal. There are plenty of us weird, crazy, gaming, Conn goddesses out here for every geek in all of the kingdoms to be happy and over joyed with their lives.
Now the problem. She has been gone for going on 9 months now it's all I need to see you before I go (going back to college for a degree). I need closure,(No such thing). I just have to see you one more time (OH PLEASE bitch). Now, C being the guy that he is and I love him for it; is all, "Well if it will help her move on" (WHAT you can't see through that shit). But I'm all "if you think you need to go ahead, but please be careful (Translation: "If she touches you I will kill you both").
Now he comes home tells me everything that happened and I am like Told you so. shallow plays provocative dress, trying to get him drunk. I mean DAMN do you have to be that transparent. Oh well I am secure in my position here. Besides this chick has got nothing on me in the C category. It is not that I am worried that he may go back to her (fat chance of that ever happening) it is that he can't see her crap for what it is. Maybe it is just not all that important but it burns me up.
Well gotta jet.

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