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Monday, April 25

Monday again

Monday is here again. I am tired as all get out. But it was a good weekend. I didn't get to work at all but hey what are my evenings for anyway right. looks like i will be at work 12 hours a day for a while at least.
Woot vitamins.
Had another great weekend starting on thursday again. I think I may be addicted to a man again. what the hell. why can't i just put my mind on me some time. of well.
My room is spotless my kitchen is clean and my laundry is sorted into bags by wash type. I am at least on top of my house work. So I guess I am not loosing myself into this one as bad, which is good.  Today we will try to get our hair done or at least dealt with. Then tomorrow begins Laundripalooza.
so bored and ready for tuesday.

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