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Tuesday, May 24

Here I am at work. My will to live is being sucked out of me one little paltry task at a time, maybe not my will to live but definitely my will to keep this low paying job. I am trying not to tell them to take this job and stuff it. I am so in need of some me and my man time that it is a shame. He is stuck working opposite shifts than me so time is fleeting, and lord know if we could actually get the job done in less than a couple of hours it wouldn’t be so bad. But hay, you can’t rush extreme pleasure.

I think I just need to get my mind off his body, but it is all I can think about. I am in need of some serious cock at this moment. I am an orally fixated female so to say. I love to suck that hard throbbing cock in my mouth and make him call out my name. Never a problem. The greatest thing is my man has an insatiable need to eat pussy. And I am more than happy to oblige except when I am in need of my cock sucking fix.

Now most people would thing will just 69 it and get the best of both worlds. These people would be those that do not LOVE having a cock in their mouths or hunger for the taste of pussy. The fact is the 69 is great for some simultaneous quick’ish foreplay but it is not that good for enjoying what you are doing. I thoroughly enjoy going down on my man and I thoroughly enjoy him going down on me. But when these two extremely enjoyable things happen at the same time things get a bit complicated. I get stuck between enjoying what I am doing or what he is doing.

How on one hand you have me loving some cock, then you have him – all tongue pierced and enjoying himself, tearin up some pussy. So it becomes a battle of who can distract the other. Don’t get me wrong that is one of my favorite games, but sometimes I just NEED that cock right NOW. So if we both are in that state it is just a fucking sucking free for all with everything turning out ok in the end.

I am not complaining its all just thoughts. God I need to suck some cock right now. Damn the workday is too long. Later

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