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Monday, May 30

Shit for brains

Why are men so mean.

They are nice to you most of the time and treat you crappy the rest. I hate him for that. I hate him for making my doubt my choices. He comes in and is all hi baby, love you. Then he laughs at me cause I am half awake and the cat gets under the bed and scares the shit out of me. I asked him to do a simple fucking thing for me and all he did was laugh and say "its fine like that, I'm going to bed" fuck-it if it was fuckin fine I wouldn't have asked him to close the fuckin shade. So I had to get up and get fucking dressed so I can go to the open window and close the fucking shade that he passed by to get to the goddamn bed. fucker. Now my day is spoiled, it is 9 fuckin am and I am all pissy and shit and his ass was sleep by the fucking time I get back from the damn bathroom to tell him. I am not a bitch I am not going to wake up someone just to bitch at the but fuck-it I am on strike. I am not doing anything else all fuckin day see how he likes that shit. fuck him I don't give a flying fuck. Next man.

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