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Monday, May 30


Well the day started off a bit crapy, but it got better. I went back to bed and I was upset, C woke up and was all, "what's wrong". I said nothing go back to sleep. He was like you know I can't sleep if you are upset, so spit it out. So I told him what that I was upset and why. He was so sweet he apologized and got out of bed and made me lunch with desert. Brought me some entertainment and was all lovie and appreciating me all afternoon. I had to put him to bed so he wouldn't be dead on his feet at work. That's where he is now sleeping like a baby. He is sweet but I think just sometimes oblivious to some things, especially if he can not see my facial expressions. He sometimes thinks I am joking or kidding around when I am not. He more than makes up for them though with all his unexpected little things he does. Oh well all in all a good day so it is off to watch a little TV before I join him.


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