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Wednesday, May 25

Well, when life throw you lemons, you hit some one in the head with them

So I am here as usual doing not too much. My work is under the impression that 5 years of school two bachelors degrees and common sense aren't worth jack. I am so tired of the Fish Faced Asshole treating me like one of his dysfunctional daughters. I may not be ancient by his "father time" standards but I am by no means baby freakin new year. For shit's sake if my boss, who is not him, didn't think I could do the job he wouldn't have hired me. He has one more time, even I have my limits of keeping my mouth shut, though they are depressingly high. Oh well this my be the second time that I will be yelling at some one at work.

The first time was a similar situation where some one thought they could run all over me just cause I am quiet and an agreeable person. Tough SHIT people, back the hell off the quiet people around you they are just waiting to boil over and take all you taking advantage mother-fuckers out.

Any way the commute is too long anyway so I am going to start looking for a new better paying job this weekend AND I am not coming in to work on Friday. I think I shall go get drunk with friends in the middle of the day, play some pool and pinch some asses, I get handzy when I am drunk. ;) Ya happy hour.

Well that made me feel a little better. There is a hell of a lot to this venting thing. Now I want to go get naked and have some one rub warm oil all over my body. Oh well have to save that for this weekend.

Wish me luck


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