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Sunday, May 29

Strange thoughts and feelings

I had an immensely strange happening earlier today. I was in bed with C and he latched onto my nipple and I had the thought of "oh no". Now that is not the usually thought when my nipple is being tortured in an exquisite way. It struck me as odd and I was able to move through the odd sensation into some seriously great sex. It was one of those "Too Much" situations where my body began to cum an refused to stop. OK some people might say, "so what's the problem." well the problem is I am greatly satisfied by my man but no man can keep up with this ultra turned on nature that over takes my body at times. It is like some mysterious floodgate has been opened and can not be stopped by any means that I know of. Now C has been with me quite some time and he thinks that they are wonderful and will torment my body into great fits of pleasure and thoroughly enjoy it. He will even go so far as to keep me all revved up while he takes a 5 min breather and then he's back in the game given my pussy a fine working over.

The real problem with this is dehydration. After all that panting and sweating I am dehydrated and unable to move let alone go for a glass of water. Thankfully I am involved with a VERY evolved man who brings me what I need without request, which is sometimes impossible. He has even had to hold the glass for me if I have been rendered too jelly like to have enough muscle control to make it to my mouth.

Now another problem which is being faced a this time is vaginal dryness. After the first hour to 2 hours sometimes it can become a problem. So that even if lubrication is restored after a 3 hour session I may have some friction issues. So for all the ladies out there who may stumble upon there ramblings one extremely important product that is a must for the night stand is Burt's Bees Lip Balm. It soothes sore painful friction problems if the coochy like nothing else ever has. Just apply to your fingers and gently apply to affected areas. The soothing cooling sensation is wonderful. and the healing properties are great. No soreness the next day, or even in a few hours. Everything is in good working order and ready for another romp.

Well off to recuperate, I pulled a muscle during that last bit so I need some shut-eye.


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