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Monday, June 13

Funny things me man and I chatted on this week.

OK this might be a weekly thing maybe if I can swing it so here it goes.

Saturday we are lying naked in bed talking about junk waiting for the Chinese delivery guy to show. C turns to me and says the weirdest thing. That he is not all that in to vampire movies. WHAT??? AND that he wasn't into acoustic guitar, that it is not a very imaginative instrument and that it has a limited range for innovation. OK so he has looked me in the face and said that my favorite instrument is worthless and that my preferred movie subject sucks (in the bad way). SO I leaned over and bit his cock. He was unhappy. SO WHAT.

OK to be fair I did kiss it all better, and we nearly missed the delivery guy for the fun that ensued.

But am I over reacting. I don't think that he meant to dis the shit out of things that I love. So after I was sufficiently sated and he exclaimed that he just couldn't again, I decided that we should talk on it a little bit.

it went a bit like this:
K: so you won't go to Vampire movies with me.
C: I didn't say that and stop looking at my cock like that. I just meant that I just am not all into the vampire move as a genre. I mean most of them are pretty bad.
K: OK you can't look at them like they are going to be fantastic interpretations of classic vampire lore or some shit.
C: Well I know that but how many ways can you do immortal blood sucking guy with killer good looks.
K: so a movie about a vampire average looking guy who is not out to shag the country side is ok with yu
C: well then you just cut out the plot of most vampire movies out there.

At this point he gets a bit tacked I am not that good a debater when the other person thinks they are funny.

OK so a little later it is decided that movies should be looked at on a case by case basis. I haven't even broached the hole music thing. In most cases if it isn't rap or something foreign C doesn't have too much time for it. Oh well the things that must be put up with when you are in love. At least he likes jazz as much as I do or we would be having some serious problems.

more later

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