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Wednesday, June 8

Well Well Well

I was wondering if people actually read this thing. Then I see a link to it on this guys blog(I read other people's blogs and comment but never expect them to actually read mine). I may need to get some content, damn now I can't think of anything. Maybe I need one of those statistics thingies to tell me how many people are reading this thing. Ah fuck it... People are either going to or not going to so why should I stress over it. I will at least give the bloglines a rest for a while. I work in a boring place and I found them and now I am hooked on the stupid things. Man the things we do when bored. Well it's not like I can just spend all day masturbating. There are a lot of people here and to be honest C doesn't need me that horney all the time dropping by waking him for sex.



Bing said...


Mithrandir said...

I think a good idea would be to not talk about one thing all the time.
Wait a second, everyone talks about sex all the time.

You started this 7 days ago. Have patience my friend and people will come. Maybe in a month you will have a network of umm horny...
I just started this today, and I talk about the most boring topic of all, Politics.

Anonymous said...

Check out my blog!

Mishawn said...

I am attempting to think on intereting things to blog on. It is looking like people are just going to have to deal with the crap inside my head. oh well. But I will attempt to type out the better bits for folks to read.

and ;) back at cha "bing"