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Wednesday, June 15


OK here’s the scoop. I am BORED man so bored. I have to go to training today and tomorrow. The most boring shit. I have to listen to this moron (though he is extremely knowledgeable in his field) drone on and on. It is like listening to someone read out of a test book. Man he needs some lessons on how to wake the people up. Though is inappropriate comments about politics and society are funny. So that is me. So tired and falling asleep during this thing. I am trying to think of something to do in there to stay awake. Maybe I will write out a post. That sounds pretty good. Though the hole writing thing may feel a little outdated. I even take notes on a laptop. But not in this training it is in the basement of the building with so many people shoved into this room that it is a fire hazard. I nearly broke my neck getting out for the damn brake. Oh well, not like I mind being out of the office for half a week. Yeah avoidance. Well this is it for a while.


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