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Monday, June 13

Just a little mind junk

OK people you all don't know this but I have a ... Well lets just say that I have a little problem with the homosexual males. They make me horny as hell. I have no Idea why. They are totally not interested in me, and I being an attention needer from way back I should not be into them. I don't know. Maybe it is the fact that they are into the same things I am cock, and other male parts, shopping and know the way to a damn nail salon. I am not one of those gals who's best friend is gay and all her friends are gay and she is pitifully waiting the shining drunk fit. Hells no. I am just attracted a lot to gay males. It is kind of a mood killer sometimes. I will be out with my friends shopping and see wome guy/s and be like he/they are hot as ... Must be gay. But thank the lord for the Metrosexual, the straight man whose grooming and dress might lead one to think that he is gay. That ladies and gents is the holly grail. Not that I would ever leave C for anyone, I just like to have my drooling returned every once in a while.

Not that I am conceited or anything, cause I am not. I am just going on my own record. I have never been single for more than a week if it wasn't a voluntary conscience dision to spend time with me. You know mediation life affirmations that kind of stuff. I think everyone should date themselves every now and again. You may find that alone is some of the best company. Well I am having a serious need for cock (high octaine weekend, Funny how getting copious ammounts of sex just makes me hornier the next few days) so I better get off this thing before it gets bad. I'm off to the ice machine.


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