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Friday, June 17

stuffy sniffley unhappy

Oh man I am so not well. I have gotten a sinus infection. I am allergies to something here at my job I had been battling it for a few months but last week I ran out of my meds and that gave it a chance to get in. Now I have a freakin cold on top of it all. uuuggg I feel poopie. Though I still had to come to work cause one of the guys I work with thinks I work for him and that I need to get his work done for him cause he wants to go out on this fine cooler day and ride his motorcycle, fuckin midlife crisis havin m/f. I am so tired of guys that refuse to act their own age but want to treat you like you are 2 cause you are under 40. Yeah that's right you old fuck 50 may be mid life for you but I plan on living till I'm 1000 so BITE ME.

Um ok that was some aggression that was not planned for oh well. Besides all that I am having a good day, leaving work early to hang out with C a bit before I go home. Ya mid-day sex. hehe me likes it.

Man they really need to cure the common cold. That opportunistic bastard gets me every time my immune system is a little down. I am an asthmatic so it doesn't take much to weaken my respiratory system which leads to the immune system kirkin out. SO here we are with out 2nd which is not bad considering I usually get sick with every drastic weather change and we are back in our 4 incarnation of cool spring with intermittent HOT AS in between.

Oh well deconjestant kicking in good must go blow me nose and take a nap at my desk till quittin time.