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Tuesday, June 28

Oh captain my captain

OK We had this discussion once, C and me, over which Startrek captain was the best. We were watching a TNG, DS9 marathon it went a bit like this
C: you know I have always had a soft spot for Shatner
K: Um no
C: Whaaa??? and you think who is better
K: Every and any other captain who ever lived the life of captain in the he entire Federation of Planets, their allies, AND their enemies. Except for those screwy haired Kazon peoples, they just don't do it for me.
C: mm huh
K: yeah he was always a bit over the top. I think I love all the rest in this order.
then Kirk just because of the kiss.
C: come on that is so not the real order of those......

it then became a long laundry list of the good and bad of each. We both agree that Kirk deserved hella props for pulling off the first on screen interracial kiss. But I didn't give him that much credit he kissed everything else in the galaxy why the hell should his crew have immunity. Of course he is all mancentric and I am all ok I would have put Janeway at the top of the list be the other two are just better captains. Archer, hummm, well he is of a different breed. Trying to fit a character into a set history and time frame is difficult as hell. Could have been better, but it sure could have been worse.

that is all on this for now

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