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Tuesday, June 28

Sex can I ever get enough


Now lets take a look at this from my perspective. I don't see my favorite appendage for 2 weeks almost (I did stop in on the way home from work for an hourish quickie the other day, but that doesn't count). I am WAY low on cuddle quotient, and feeling kinda blue, and may all the sisters in the feminism movement forgive me, but I just wanted a good lovin from my man. After that I felt better. For a while then I went in for more. Well it was a good day and a half I managed to coax 4 sessions out of him. Took some time juggling too, we are cleaning for a move and don't really have time to get over there to help out during the week and he is not function outside of work during the week so I do feel a little bad.

But then again, the sex was wonderful as usual and I was in need; And I was very generous with certain favors so it is not like he was getting the short end of the deal or anything. Not like I sprained my tongue or anything (that was another weekend) but I did feel a little spoiled by the end of Saturday. I do have to admit that letting him sleep in before church instead of getting a little more did make me a little grumpier than I had thought a lack of a little cock could. Am I turning into some kind of freakie chick who needs to have sex all the time. I hope not. Well at least I hope my stamina can take it. Don't want to be popping off one of the double digit sessions with an aneurysm .

Been thinking about this a bit the last few days. I like sex. And not just the good old getting to business hot sweaty pumping jumping rocking good middle part. I love foreplay, and afterplay, and "taking a break play" and everything as a hole. I think that is why I have always been against the 10 min quickie. First of all I am just getting started at 10 mins.... I know I used to date a guy who was like "let me watch 2 house of porn and stick my g/f for a min, yeah that makes her happy". Thank god for the Lions den (link on the right). Let me tell you I was keeping energizer in business those days. That was a long exile from the good lovin that I am again enjoying. But back to the topic. Second of all where is all the love in 10 min lovin. I am not a wham bam thank you chick kinda gal. I likes me engines to be burned out after a good few hours. And THIRD and probably the most important, what the hell kind of guy just leaves a woman all unfulfilled and shit. I mean what the fuck, you make me happy and you are DEFINITELY going to be the happiest m/f you know, and I site the sprained tongue incident. Let me just say it was worth it and muscles heal :-).


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